Monday, November 14, 2011

SDTW Lookbooks Are For Assholes

Man, it must be so cold in the D...

And by "D" I mean Delaware because that is the state you're gonna have to go flee to after I slay your whole existence.

I could be rollerblading and listening to "The Notebook" soundtrack and still look tougher than Chaz, Leopold, and Geoff here.

Why in God's name would you be building a fire indoors whilst wearing off duty lumberjack attire? Firstly, I don't drink my own piss or know much about camping , but I can tell you that indoor fires are a quick way to 86 yourself with carbon-monoxide poisoning. I'm actually glad they did this because this is essentially the core issue with nearly every look book photo. Dudes dressed in the same clothing brand doing shit they never would do. You know what most dudes never do? Wear the same fucking brand from head to toe *exception to rule: Thirstin Howl

But for the sake of argument let's just say I block out the part of my brain that allows me to use logic and I buy into this little scene you three peckerdicks have set up here.

If you truly were "roughing it" in the mean streets of Williamsburg, then why in the holy fuck would you have a titanium coffee thermos?

"Uh what? Uhhh uhhhh studder studder studder...."

Yeah exactly King Dickhead. That's called "set direction" plehbwoy. And people that know how to do it correctly get paid salary to do so. You and whoever (you tricked into interning) is holding their step dad's SLR camera didn't take the negative 5 fucking seconds to notice that if you're supposed to be well dressed vagabonds trying to warm up with a bum fire that having a fucking Haliburton quality thermos might not fit into the scene.

No press is bad press Deep Search

p.s note that Bianchi just posted inside the shop looking wild out of place

Thnx Ian for the photo


  1. as previously stated, get a fucking job and stop picking on people of an age group that should no longer be considered a part of your social spectrum. aren't you like 40???

    slaying your whole existence. :)

  2. I can't get into the mind of someone that religiously reads a blog that they don't like.

    Hopefully this will help you and your irritated vagina

  3. whoa is that dude actually like personally offended by making fun of look books? like, thats where you make your "Stand"? on some "someone needs to be the voice that speaks up for these poor look book dudes being maligned, i. will. be. that. voice." steez?

    reminds of dudes protesting in favor of that pennstate pedobear. trife

  4. He is the Braveheart of LookBooks

  5. sdtw is a fucking joke. gay.