Monday, November 14, 2011

Meanwhile At The Worst Birthday Party Ever

Just another video on the internet that kind of makes you feel like you're seeing something that shouldn't exist and yet it does.

Shout out to Irish Pat


  1. WHY hasn't anyone commented on this!? LOL like forreal niggas are booty popping and shit at lil' ray ray's 5th birthday party? LOL. I guess it's no different than when Tommy The Clown used to come to every hood birthday party in his mustang 5.0 BUMPING 2 Live Crew and having "freak contest" w/ the moms @ most black kids birthdays in LA in the 90's.

  2. Only thing missing is the horrified looks on the children's faces. Man, moms and pops be wondering why Ray-Ray turned up to be a criminal and ended his days confined to C block? Might've had something to do with his 5th birthday party. Seriously, don't let your kids think this is acceptable.