Wednesday, November 16, 2011

YouTube Comment Of The Week

Speak that truth blood.

* for the purposes of context I found this on a Celly Cel video....if that wasn't obvious enough

If you have any good YouTube comments send them to the God or twitt that shit to Skip Class

ya da mean?

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  1. me and my woman was arguing everyday until i found out i had to make love to her instead of fucking her. she was more calmer when i started to make love to her. she was just older than me by 3 years i remember i sang this song at my daughter wedding and told her new husband you better be making love to my daughter and not fucking her and he laugh but i was serious well my daughter said that's the best fucking she ever had and i was proud. that made me went home and made love to my wife.
    MD64577 2 months ago

    @MD64577 cool story bro
    msumma860 1 month ago