Friday, November 18, 2011

Spaceghost From The 9-0 Crip

I present to you the criminally slept on Spaceghost from the 9-0 Crip.

- Gang member
- Criminal
- Fire arms expert
- Metaphor enthusiast

This dude is wild comedy. My boy rented this vhs from Blockbuster back in 1998 and I have never forgotten it since.

And I quote:

"That's like a deer with a broken leg tryna to go against a motherfuckin wild hyena. It's gonna get tore the fuck up."

In other words:

Not only is it a bad look for a deer to try and go against a hyena (a wild one at that) but with a fractured femur it is extremely short sighted on the deer's part.

That's the long and short of his point I think.

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