Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SDTW Shurt Feelings

It's that time again, where I take a peep into the fascinating world of streetwear t shirt design. Be prepared to have you mind blown away by these titans of industry.

The shirt is actually a sequel to a previous design they did called "Name 4 Things You Don't Have". Sup with this dude anyway? My boy looks like a 3 Musketeer that found a time machine to 2011.

How did it get deeper than sneakers? Do you need a degree now to collect shoes? I'd love to see the class schedule for a Sneakers Major.

Class Schedule:
- Jerking Off 103 (advanced)
- Intro To Light Skinded Rap
- Lacing/Cleaning
- Operating A T-Mobile Sidekick
- Living With Your Moms

Homie put chur lil' Eminem finger down. You look like the "boy" in a young lesbian couple. First off, I can't take anyone with the samurai pony tail serious, ever. You got fucking peace bracelets on. Don't those things make it illegal to have non mellow thoughts? If you're such a bad ass then why are you afraid to wear a t shirt that actually spells "fuck"? You look mad "p*ssy" wearing that "sh*t".

Ahhhhh, what's wrong Sebastian? Why so sad? Is the tumblr server down again? Ah man and you were gonna post "hella" filtered i-phones pics of that Sigur Ros show you went to by yourself. Well at least you got your little tattoo starter kit rocking tough.

Oh it's fucking Dartayan again. What are you modeling this time blood? Oh word? Sucker free. I don't want to be a party crasher here, but this makes ZERO MOTHERFUCKING sense.

It does not work:

- literally
- figuratively
- satirically
- metaphorically

Or any other way. How does this even exist? I would rather rock an all over print Twilight shirt than wear this fucking screen printed enigma. You are free of suckers, but have a girl clearly eating a sucker? Do you not see how this would only make sense to a retard on ecstasy?

All press is good press. So if you wanna cop any of these jawns holler at my boys



  1. yeah fuck swag...tell em, sucker free lol. theres a dj crew here called that, its embarrassing.

    everyone thought they were going to get rich off screen printing t shirts

    I know maddoxx said it first but light skinned black women are the most prized commodity to advertisers

  2. send all karmaloop shirts through a tree trimmer

  3. Fucking Karmaloop. Those are all damn near the same font. Minus the Krew one of course.

  4. helvetica or futura extra bold

  5. karmaloop is all laughs. people that fetish-ize shoes are some of the most boring vapid cunts ever, like you paid 200bucks for some pigeon dunks? sick dawg.

    people try and sell their used ass shoes on craigslist using all crazy code like VNDS: very near dead stock. in craigslist that means creased and pissed on.


  7. hahaha wtf is that. who fucking buys this shit? what do they do with unsold merchandise? It gets sent to Australia where they still wear fubu jerseys

  8. You forgot all the seventh letter garbage

  9. whoa whoa whoa, seventh letter garbage? come on man. it's one thing to piss all over these kids that want to get rich off of iron ons........
    are you not aware of who the seventh letter is comprised of?