Saturday, October 15, 2011

Putting Lipstick On A Pig Part 2

Why am I supposed to think this kind of chick is hot again?

Please someone explain this phenomenon? Why is it that if you put a tattoo on a chick that is a 5 she becomes an 8? That's like me pouring Tapatio on my dick and thinking Sofia Veragara is gonna want to fuck me.

First offs......

Bitch this is a fucking wedding picture. If your goal is to show how fucking unique you are you might want to not go and do the single most mediocre act in history of the universe.

My aunt's fucking cats can get married, so that shit ain't impressing no one.

Also, just a shot in the dark here, but you probably posted this shit on your facebook? Oh word? Does facebook have a button now that you can click that lets everyone know that you Dad is bummed on you for LIFE. Nothing says great daughter like tit tattoos and fishhook piercings.

Even if you marry the dude from Fall Out Boy I still don't see this shit working out for you. I know you think this photo is what Tim Burton jacks off to, but in reality you are just a semi-basic arm chub chick that works the MAC counter in Reno and your soon to be husband is going to cheat on you at a My Chemical Romance concert after the honeymoon.


  1. Valid point. The sad thing is, i've fallen for these tricks in the past. SMH @ myself.

  2. is this a blog about rants of some hipster homosexual?? Cause it def seems like it