Monday, October 10, 2011

SDTW Photoshop Skillz

The most known unknownssssssss


  1. i guess you dont care about your blogs web traffic since you put your url along the bottom?

  2. Congrats anonymous.

    Welcome to No Shit Ville.

    Population: You

  3. whats an artsy photo?

  4. artsy photo... probably a crappy photo of a girl/pose in a supreme or wu tang tee/shit piece of graffiti or tattoo, which when taken with the hipstamatic app makes the user think they are some photo god.

    90% of tumblr has got to just be reblogged stuff from other tumblr pages. If you read a few tumblrs chances are they are all the same but in a different order. Too much of shit of blogs is so contrived it is untrue.

    people needs to realise that posting about hip hop coz you own a downloaded copy of 36 chambers or graf when you have watched exit through the gift shop makes you look like a cunt. These shitty blogs are done by people because it is cool, not because they are into it.

  5. Let's be honest; a lot of the girls posted on Tumblr sites are fantastic though. Here's an example:

    Look at those cachoongas boing!

  6. eiknarf is a vapid pretentious pos (likely everything you hate about tumblr) I almost feel bad for people with full on tatts as it's lost it's edge when you see the most normal of normal looking, style-less people with sleeves/spiked hair, and a goatee.

    The quest for cool is an arms race, no pun intended.

    Besides being in a band, or self made artist, the only job opportunity your looking at would be as a stock photo model for use by savvy graphic designers in advertising to 20 somethings. Don't forget we're still a hugely conservative society.

    heres my tumblr, I dont know about you but Iam going to be hella famous.
    It's like blogspot just better.

  7. Tumblr is almost identical to blogger. Lets be specific when talking about tumblr trends. It's a great archive tool, not so great a self suck venue for ego maniacs. Of course theres alot of reblogged bs on ffffound. Terrible lookbooks and grapic design thats yawn inducing. Still though nothing compares to the dreadfullness of ravedubstep flyers, craigslist ho's, japanese 3d porn, stock photo models and the san diego reader; plastic surgery and real estate ads