Monday, October 10, 2011

SDTW Look Books Are For Assholes

And where in the fuck are you climbing off to homie?

Did you leave your palmade up on the roof?

Is there a fucking Vampire Weekend show up there that only you and the guy from the Apple commercials knows about?

Are these "mercantile" brands that oblivious? Like never in the history of life has a dude with that fucking hair cut ever climbed an "urban" ladder to work unless his job was to find a place to do key bumps.

Outta here = da fuck out

Hey cuz, I mustache you a question.

Why are you a fucking asshole dude?

You trying to win the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the biggest wimp of all time?

You look like when my girlfriend put's on my work shirt and tie and uses her hair to pretend she is a business man dawg. You are now the King Of Isapussy. You rule your domain with an iron limp wrist. I don't think you could even piss sitting down. You probably lay down when you have to pee.

And why the in the fuck are you looking down? Is there a copy of Catcher In The Rye on the ground?


If you've been wondering why there is less of my prestigious op-ed pieces and more just internet shit it is because there is a project in the works.

Until the shit is ready for print I am not going to gas you all up, but be on the look for


Dropping 20 motherfucking 12


  1. vampire weekend line is gold

  2. Fuckin' clever opening line. Excellent post. If you're droppin' print best believe I'm picking one up!