Monday, July 11, 2011

There Can Be Only One

Muska you are trying to play yourself. Everyone knows the real O.G Bobby Johnson of permitted club tagging is my boy EIKNARF

Respect the pioneers of this shit bro.


  1. My god, I remember a few months back when you posted that photo this eiknarf dude did where he had his little fucking arsenal or graff supplies laid out. I had NO idea how gay this guy was. I watched the video where he does this and the following things are apparent to me now:

    1. My dude has WAY to many visible tattoos, what the fuck goes through this guy's head when he's at the parlor? "Shit looks like I'm out of space on my arms, how about you just cover my neck in anchors and other hip nautical shit." Damn.

    2. If this guy has EVER painted graff, and that's a huge 'if', he fucking sucked/sucks balls. I mean, fuck. He looks so awkward holding a can, he would probably look more comfortable giving a handjob to a kid with downs syndrome.

    3. Lastly, this guy just NEEDS the internet fame. Look at the title. "superfun x eiknarf x aston marton". You really need the brand of the fucking car in there, duke? Why not go all out and list the brand name of everything you're fucking wearing and call it a collabo.

    Sorry that was long. But fuck this guy. Seriously.

  2. Truth speak x anonymous

  3. I agree with 95% of your schtick yo.

    But Muska can skate. N has been doing real things for a long time.

    N this kid doesn't know how to hold a can, shit looks fake/staged. I'm sure it is.


  4. eiknarf lol, dudes a joke.