Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Contributing Writer

As if wasting my time with this blog was not enough I have been asked to waste my time for other people's blogs.

Leisure Only

Leisure Only used to be called Read Platform, but I don't really give a shit what they call it just as long as they keep doing what they do which is catering to my a.d.d stricken brain with random content ranging from How To Score With Black Chicks to 90's magazine scans.

So far I have been doing pieces for them that just allow me to rip on terrible t-shirts HERE but my man Robert over there assures me that I can write about whatever retarded shit I want.

Bookmark these limey fuckers


And not to be out done...


I also somehow managed to become a contributing writer for STREETBONERS AND TV CARNAGE.

If you are unfamiliar with SBTVC it is a site started by Gavin McGinnes who basically is the dude that created Vice, Do's & Don'ts, hipsters and other things. His buddy Derrick handles the TV Carnage stuff which is mostly found vhs tape edits of forgotten gems. You combine their fuckery with a bunch of people that know how to write and you get a pretty solid site.

I have been giving them random rants about everything, but recently they posted my latest thought provoking piece about Anal Sexing

So bookmark these a-holes too!


P.S if you run a "prestigious" blog and want me to write for it shoot me an email and offer and I will consider it


  1. As a UK resident, avid reader of SDTW and avid avoider of anything that comes out of Platforms camp, this is a sad day

  2. justifying your way onto mtv next month, oh w. da semiserious endings, pff. this was real funny a long cybertime ago before the humor fell on 1 and 3 and you catered for a preset crowd package

  3. @ Both Of You

    What in the fuck is the point of either of these comments?

    You two need to get on and find each other so you can link up and cry about how sad you both are about my website.

    Start a fucking petition.

    Chain yourself to a fucking tree and say you won't leave until SDTW creates content that meets your vague and arbitrary standards.

    Re-read both of your lil comments and ask yourself this

    "Am I acting like a ho right now?"