Monday, July 25, 2011

SDTW Photography Part 3

Here's another dump of photos through the eyes of your truly.


Came across an o.g copy of "Banned In The U.S.A" I wish black people still dressed like this instead of like THIS

I think we've taken the Juggalo jokes a bit too far. I mean I have purchased about 7 Faygos in 2011 alone.

Poodle x Maltise collab a.k.a Lucy.

I shot this with my fucking phone. No photoshop necessary. So the next person that tells me that they are a really "good" photographer can kiss the fattest part of my ass. Shit's like claiming you are "good" at breathing.

Is this a dude or a chick? The six pack says dude, but that ass with those dukes on says chick.

Here is what happens to 90% of all people who get "straight edge" tattoos. They end up taking bong loads to the face and relieving their cotton mouth with the king of beers.


I hate bumperstickers, but I support this times infinity.

Oh you out here plehboy? Ya you are. Stunting in your violet colored Civic.

Forbidden love.

Locked in the freezer? That's a whoopin.

I swear on Bernie Mac's grave that fat bitches are the ONLY bitches that rock those lil ass backpacks. Clearly the ENTIRE concept of proportions has escaped them.


Giraffe paint lookin ass'.

I want to start a side site called "Dope Napz". This dude was my muse for that brilliant idea.

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