Thursday, July 28, 2011

Contributing Writer: Infamous Magazine

Another contributing writer gig?

Oh word?

Yeah blood.

We (and by we I mean me) are out here.

I will be updating the Infamous blog with some spray oriented content and probably some off color humor that will inevitably lead to my resignation.

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Infamous Magazine


  1. You know you made it big when you get offered the contribution gig for a webzine that links to :

    Wait for it..... GRAFFITI PAPER! Do they print ur paychecks on that shit? (not that they actually pay you for your humorous opinion. at least sell outs make a buck. see for a lesson on making money)

    Here's some highlights:
    - Freestyle, sketch or experiment, at home or on the go, with Crescent®Graffiti Paper.
    - Compact for easy transport
    - Smooth surface accepts paint & won’t dry out marker

    Dang dawg. I h8 payin top dollar for my markers only to have this wack ass paper dryn' 'em all out.

    Maaaaaaaa, i need yo credit card bitch to order me some more OTR markers. This cheap ass paper keeps drying out my markers yo!

    I could go on for hours, but the site itself makes all the jokes for you.

    Seriously, back-pedal your way out of this one. You should be straight up ashamed.

  2. My bad. I should have stopped at "A Graffiti Lifestyle Magazine".


  3. @Anonymous

    Thanks for the 10 paragraph rant about graffiti paper blood.

    Clearly, you see through the "Matrix" that is the magazine world. You probably hold a prestigious job where your compnay relies heavily on your astute ability to anonymously comment redundant bullshit on blogs.

    You are probably an excellent graffiti writer as well. Your pieces must be so good that no magazine would dare publish them for fear that they would literally cause them to spontaneously combust.