Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SDTW Send Us Your Nudes Bro

I love when I casually mention some shit and one of you delinquents takes said "shit" serious like it was my dying wish.

Case in point the "nudes of your gf" bit.

So now that shit just got real let's go ahead and get official with the newest SDTW feature "Send Us Your Nudes Bro".

First one came from THREE STUPID LETTERS

Keep it going.

If you got one, but want her face blurred out or whatever just send it anyway (hehehehe) and I will blur it for you.


P.S to all my UK readers I know you guys think a 4 is a 9 when it comes to "birds" or whatever so if you get all butt hurt that I don't post some Scottish troll that you drug home from the pub don't take it personal as I'm a picky fucker and would not fuck most of your ugly women even if the human race depended on us to pro create.


  1. wow. wind your neck in son, having spent my summer in new york i think its you yanks that think all the 4s are 9s. you got mega fat birds us british never even encountered the types of before and 90% of your women are dressing like its the mid 19 fuckin 95!!!! turtle neck fleeeces!!! bad tattoos of dolphins are a norm on the subway most days. and dont even get my started on your caffeine withdrawal coffee culture breath women you got running around.

    visual dislexic

  2. How did I know you would be the first to object to my statement?

    Prove me wrong VD.

  3. you might be the only person i know of in the history of the world that visited NYC in the summer time and didn't see 90% babes everywhere.

    fucking fact

  4. Yeah I didn't even bother to bring that up VD. I went to NYC in March and saw more babes in one subway ride than I did in the Miss America Pageant.

    It was fucking March.