Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Top 5 Blogs

Blogging about blogs.

Many people have been championing Twitter as the big deal of 2009. Many of you already know where I stand on the evil T, but who the fuck am I to judge?

This is SDTW's Top 5 Blogs for 2009:

#5 Nah Right

Nah Right

What can you say about Nah Right? Nothing really. To me it's the only blog about hip-hop and rap I ever really need to check. Eskay is brilliant for not proliferating his own opinions and instead just lets the music and the stans do the talking for themselves.

It's also nice not having to search for mixtapes because if you're manager or p.r team aren't dinosaurs they know getting your tape up on Nah Right is the best move you can make period.

#4 Ignored Prayers

Ignored Prayers

The purest of the pure.

I don't personally know this cat, but some people I do, do. Is that how you say that? Anyways, dude is the king of the "no fucking way" posts. He always has the fire internet shit. I could never match him.

He updates pretty consistently which is one of the my biggest pet peeves for blogs. Either do it a lot or don't. There is no in between.

#3 Dancehall Mobi

Dancehall Dot Mobi

Ya ya no one cares about dancehall except for me, but to find a blog that actually has relevant updates daily is a god send. Sorry jah send.

So much clash info and new chunes updated daily. Sometimes you get a dry spell of boring posts, but then all of a sudden BAM! you get a flick of Lisa Hype blowing Vybz Kartel and you're back to slackness.

Run it.

#2 LameBook

Lame Book

I never tire of you Lamebook. You reveal SO much of how lame social networking can be and how awesome or not awesome our species can be.

It's so post worthy I made it a regular feature on here for crying out loud.

#1 FFFFound


You can waste your entire life away trolling through FFFFOUND and all its ocular goodness.

It never ceases to inspire.

Get some.

* Feel free to put your own Top 5's in the comments you bastards.

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