Friday, December 18, 2009

NBA Refs

Refs are like cops. Human. Prone to errors. They play favorites and show blatant bias. And unless you're a complete moron they effect the outcome of every game. Also they pretty much have the final say. Once in a blue moon a call will be overturned after a game, but that is just to further create the illusion that sports are 100% fair.

This NBA referee turnt snitch breaks it down to 60 Minutes on how shady the business of a referee really is.

I don't think these dudes are to blame entirely. The league/owners already know ALL of this. Sports are after all a business. Also this doesn't make me want to not watch sports. It is what it is.

Sports are designed and run to make money.

After watching this I quickly began to realize why Allen Iverson was always so mad all the time.

Dude never smiles and rightly so.

Watch the whole piece below.

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