Monday, December 21, 2009

Big L

I am a huge Big L stan. Most of my friends are too.

If you grew up on 90's hip hop and rap how could you not be?
The dude was just heads and shoulders above everyone else.

Some critics say that had he not died before his big crossover people would not have made him into the "cult" like figure he is today.

I guess you can make that argument with any musician that has ever died. Biggie, Pac, Cobain, Hendrix, etc.

It's pretty haterish though to try and discredit someone's catalog just because they are deceased. In fact it is very bitch made to do so. I mean Brittany Murphy just kicked the bucket and I'm pretty confident they aren't gonna go back and analyze her away from camera acting subtleties in her silver screen debut "Clueless" just because she's 6 feet now. So stop dissing the god.

For my two cents Big L was the truth. If the goal of rapping is to brag about how awesome you are and how lame everyone else is then Big L was the best that ever did it. Period.

Enough fanning out.

I came across what has to be the most extensive collection of Big L rarities, white labels, alternates, b-sides, remixes ever compiled. I have a lot of L tapes and have made it a habit to snatch any one I come across, but this site is ridiculous though. I can't even scratch the surface.

So dive in and find your own forgotten 90's L gems.

BigL Rarities


  1. This is The Big Sleep from Big L Rarities and BigLOnline, thanks for linkin' up to my site.

    And don't forget to look out for more, there's always material on the horizon. Peace brother.