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2009 Top 5 Rap Albums

No decent blog would be complete without "Top 5" lists for the end of the year. After all I am a white guy and white people HAVE to rate things in lists or else they don't know what to support. It's one of the many burdens of being of Caucasian decent.

Moving along.

2009 was the year that I really got back into rap. I have been hard on my old friend rap in the past few years and let's be honest rap needs to start acting right.

Now don't get your chonies in a bunch if you don't see MC Such and Such on here because 1.) no one is losing sleep over SDTW's Top 5 "anything" 2.) Critics do not matter * including yours truly.

So without further adieu I give yall nukkas my Top 5 Rap Albums/Mixtapes of 2009.

#5 OJ Da Juice Man "The Otha Side Of The Trap..."

Upon first listen I kind of wrote Mousier Juice off as a Jeezy wannabe. Wrong. I bumped this album in the Vic' all summer. It's just silly, go dumb, trap rap, but Juice has that savoir faire to keep you listening even if his bars are not going to go down in the history of greatest lyrics ever penned.

One of his best qualities is how budget looking his stuff is. His album art, videos, his attire are all laughable. I like that. The dude is wearing iPod headphones in his video for Christ's sake! He can't even rap sync. Awesome.

Favorite Track: "Cop A Chicken"

Get some juice

#4 Uncle Murder "Back On My Bull Shit"

This is my dude. Uncle Murder is SO underrated. Sure, he's a one trick pony, but he truly excels when he's talking about.... wait for it.....murdering people. That's okay though. Because he has the unique ability to come up with different ways to describe said subject matter and it's hugely entertaining. Also you get the feeling that dude has done quite a bit of dirt. Yeah rap is fake for the most part, but dude has the scars to prove it.

My biggest disappoint in him this year was when he changed his name to Uncle M. WTF? Satan doesn't change his name so why should Uncle Murder?

Favorite Track: "Dont Be Actin' Like"

Your favorite Uncle

#3 Makeshift "No Doze" Mixtape

Blatantly plugging the homie? Fuck that! This dude is my favorite regular dude rapper. Why? Mr. Shift ONLY raps about shit he ACTUALLY does. He spits bars over self produced beats (*bonus points) about San Diego life. What is San Diego life you ask? It is very simple. It is drinking 40's, smoking purple piff, rocking Cortez', waking up to sunshine, clowing on nerds, and the ever constant hunt of getting rootis' a.k.a chicks.

That's all he talks about. I can support that. He also is very humble and is his biggest critic which is a true sign of a great artist. If more rappers took the time to talk about real life we wouldn't have a whole army of fucking retards at bus stops talking about shit they've never done trying to jump fools for their fucking iPod. Well at least I think so.

Favorite Track: "Good Morning"

Get some Shift music

#2 Pill "4075:The Refill" Mixtape

Pill who? Exactly.

This dude was way off my radar for the whole year practically.

He's really inspiring to be honest. He is the South's best hope for 2010. Why? I guess it is because the dude actually gives a shit. He knows that people in the hood do not have many choices and even more important the less fortunate youth of the U.S have very few role models. That shit is really important even if dude is just a rapper. His whole niche is the fact that he essentially wants you to know that selling drugs, shooting people, acting a fool is an option for some, but if you want to really get anywhere in life you simply need to work hard.

He walks the thinnest line between trap rap and role model rap. That takes quite a bit of skill in my opinion.

Favorite Track: "Trap Goin' Ham"

Take your Pill

#1 Raekwon "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2"

There was no way you could have told me that Raekwon would have been able to pull off the impossible. I would have simply not believed it without hearing it myself.

A lot of blogs will claim this as the best album of the year and they will ALL be correct to say so. This dude basically pulled off something that no rapper has really ever done. Following up a classic with a classic. That is if you skip over "Lex Diamond Story" and any other rubbish he put his name to in between the two releases.

He some how managed to remake the entire vibe of one of the most coveted 90's rap classics: OB4CL. I'm still in shock how he was able to pull it off. Dude can go make techno as far as I'm concerned and I would still respect his hustle.

The whole album sounds complete. It plays like an album, but shines on certain tracks obviously.

You stans can take your Blueprint 3 and shove it up your culo. I didn't even bother posting the leak when I got it, because even though Jay Z is talented and an actually a cool dude I have no interest in listening to his "Blueprints" or "Black Albums" when I can put on tunes like this by the Chef.

Favorite Track: "Cold Outside"

Only Built For Free Links

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