Monday, October 12, 2009

Shawn Kemp x PeopleOfWalMart

Two forces of God collide here folks.

People Of Wal-Mart and none other than the mutha fuckin Reign Man.

Even before I became a resident of Seattle I whole heartedly supported any and everything this dude was involved in.

I had Reebok Kamikazes, I used to play the Sonics in NBA Jam, I had a wicked ass school folder with dude on it. Shawn Kemp could do no wrong in my eyes back then.


Well times have changed for our friend Shawn, but let us remember the good years he gave us.

Sorry about the stupid ad in the beginning.


  1. Dude-So many good memories-Use to play him on nba jam all day long....I remember watching a lot of these games as a kid that feature in the highlight reel. Fresh