Friday, October 2, 2009


What would "Dah Shinin" be without this to chase it with?


Da Storm


  1. One time many years back I was going to visit a girlfriend and got hit by a giant truck while driving my old Hyundai and wound up in a 7-11 parking lot like 40 feet away.I got pretty fucked up and had over a half a pound of the green in the trunk which I had to kick open for like a minute and then went and stashed it in the bottom of the garbage can in the restaurant next to the 7-11 that let me clean up while waiting for the ambulance and cops I was literally shooting blood out of my elbow they were so bummed I came bursting in.Then I got on a pay phone and called my girl told her where the weed was and then got hauled of in an ambulance anyways I was playing this album in my whip and I swore to never listen to it again after that day,but thanks Skip for bringing back that day it's a good story.