Friday, October 16, 2009

Second Life

Second Life Trailer from SLprod on Vimeo.

I think graffiti movies are finally coming into their own so to speak. I don't even really watch them for the most part. They all tend to go down the same exact path of ego stroking, temple of hip-hop, bum fight style bull shit.

I can tell you why most of them are unwatchable. They all nearly fail because the director thinks that because they are good at graffiti that they are qualified to be a filmmaker. My grandma could edit in iMovie if she wanted to, but that doesn't mean it's going to be worth watching whatever that crazy old coot churns out.

Now I haven't seen "Second Life" but at the very least it seems to be a well edited film and the director's quote below is very well put.

"Why would we do another film about graffiti? To be honest it is a stupid and egocentric passion. My aim is not to say " Look, I have painted more subways than you ". I do not either claim to be able to change the world with a video, because for me another world is not possible any more. I would just like to show that there is an alternative, a parallel life in which we escape this reality. The graffiti is a beautiful gesture of revolt, in any case a fascinating illusion of freedom. I could not continue to hide all these images; here is our second life."

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  1. have you seen terror fabulous?
    by NT a crew from the uk. most of the members are now in HA who are heavily associated with msk an others. one graff movie that cannot be faulted!!!

    this blog sir is awesome!!! always a good read!