Friday, November 14, 2008

When life gives you lemons...

Regardless of the fact that America came through and elected the most promising politician in the last 40 years that doesn't mean things are gonna change just yet or even in his first term.

Life is real.

A lot of shops regardless of their clout and notoriety are gonna go down in the next year or two. Sorry to put it in writing, but it is the truth.

So while everyone is doing their best to persevere through this recession my friends at Us Versus Them are just giving the world a nice big middle finger by building a mini ramp smack dab inside the shop. Not like the Supreme bowl in LA that's all fancy and shit and doubles as some art piece we are talking a f*ckin' back yard mini ramp right in the front door.

Take that economy. Take that right in your ass.

Good job boys.

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