Friday, November 21, 2008


Man oh man how I miss these brothers. Das EFX sons anything you are currently f*cking with in your i-pod. These dudes helped shape the "Silver Era" of hip-hop and are pretty much the epitome of funky.

Skoob and Dre pretty much had people flippin when they dropped their flows and everyone bit from them to some extent Lords of the Underground, The Fu-Schnickens, Kris Kross,and even HOV (Jay Z) peep the Big L/Jay Z freestyle HERE *Note Big L was better than any emcee that ever rapped. Fact.

Download this joint if you're not stiggedy stupid.

Das EFX "Dead Serious" (Full Album)

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  1. yO!! you can shout that again!! I was moving some equipment around @ the tattoo shop and came across a box of cd's from the 90' was so dope to hear all that again. Das Efx, Black Sheep, EPMD...Q-vO!!

    I took for granted that all I had to do to hear some ill shit in the 90's was open my ears...You know, there is real hip hop out there right now but you gotta dig through so much bullshit to find it.

    Thanx for the memory alley, mang!!