Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SDTW Shurt Feelings #8

In an effort to appease the SDTW audience here is a new Shurt Feelings for your reading pleasure. It's simple really.

Find a shirt that speaks to the soul and then describe the visual poetry that it is. Let's go...

Oh thanks guys. I didn't know it was R.T.G.T.B.N.C.T.F.N.F.R "Ruin Two Good Things By Needlessly Combining Them For No Fucking Reason" day. I forgot to mark it on my calendar.

Golden State Heavy weights eh? Heavy and Weight <-----these are the words I want you to read over a few times and then get back to me.

Oh word? And what industry exactly is it that we are "anti"? Clothing industry? Type Setting industry?

Checking to see if your pussy is still there is a everyday thang. Excuse me you had it right "an everyday thang" since I forgot the "an" because everyday begins with a vowel. We won't go into the whole "thing" and "thang" issue.

I feel like this type of shirt makes the Shurt Feelings every time. I just can't really understand the whole "hearting" or in this case "weeding"? things. Why is this a thing? You weed kush? Great. Just great.

Why not say something with more shock value like "College Was Not A Viable Option For Me Because I Got Expelled From High School For Selling My Aunt's Oxy Pills And Now I DJ Weekends At A Bowling Alley"? Someone mock that up for me. Thanks.


  1. it isn't 'its an everyday thing' it's 'it's an everyday thing.' see what i did there

  2. Are you asking a question or are you going to finish your sentence? Also people who are really good at grammar have no friends. That's why I only use correct grammar about 87% of the time.