Monday, May 21, 2012

Wrath Of The Wizard

Man, you little anonymous pussyholes with your ol' pussy ass comments finally got me awake and actually made me want to write some shit.

Fucks the matter with you little assholes?

You want more content? Fucking pay me then.

I got kids to feed (not lying).

I can't sit here on the computer all day and just re-post bullshit like my boy .

The shit I like to post actually requires thinking and thinking takes time and time is money as they say.

Would you prefer SDTW become one of those popular blogs with never ending content?

You can make that bullshit yourself.

All you gotta do is just post a bunch of shit about shit you don't know shit about. Easy enough, right?

Maybe one day I'll get my shit together and try and do this as a full time gig, but in the mean time just be grateful I even get on the internet once a week.

Yours truly,

Skip Class


  1. tyrannosaurus sexismMay 21, 2012 at 2:13 PM


  2. You aren't entertaining enough to be getting this uppity about shit, brah. You're a drop of water in the ocean of comedy that is the internet.

    Now calm down and post something funny, ya pussy.

    1. ha ha you are right....

  3. @anonymous

    I love your ocean/internet metaphor.


  4. Yeah anon comment was entertaining.

    But so was this post.

  5. my street wear company can pay you in hoodies and snapbacks, but we demand more content!

  6. @^Anon

    I'll only do it for chambrey work shirts and Red Wing boots bruh.

    You should know this.