Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SDTW Shurt Feelings #6

Tuck Fuesdays son.

It goes:

Pick t shirt. Explain how cool it is.

Explain to me why this is a thing?

The fuck is wrong with your brain. Let me get this straight so this graphic is a hot chick in sunglasses who is in a strip club (indoors with sunglasses on mind you) staring at some other loser chick stripping and you're watching her watch the stripper? Am I missing something? Oh and b tee dubs, cute v-neck bro! You totally don't look like you're in heavy rape mode or anything.

I debated with myself on picking this one because for it to work you have to admit that you know what Mac Miller is. I in fact, know what it is. Congrats guys, you've made me want to kill myself now.

This shirt is fucking sickey sickersons. It's like a Slayer tee, but instead it says PLAYER. I guess that's one of the perks of being an assistant manager at Hot Topic. You get first dibs on anything that is awesome and will help you get a crazy unsatisfactory hand job from the new girl cause you told her you could buy her and her high school friends 4Lokos after you get off your shift.

Did you not read your own shirt? Everybody eats! That means eat you too, plehbwoy. It says you, yes you, are allowed to eat. Go get a sandwich b. Treat yourself to something other than Coke Zero for once. You have the shirt's blessing.

This is not a phrase.

For more amazing graphic tees go to KARMALOOP


  1. karmaloop is an endless supply of laughing stock, who the fuck buys this shit anyway?!

  2. ^ giggled pretty hard

  3. This bit is tired. Come up with a fresh idea.

  4. That Player one is a classic. That guy's plugs matched the t.

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