Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How To Get On SDTW 101

First and foremost, it's really not that hard nor is it even something to be proud of to be posted on SDTW, but here's how to do it since I get a bagillion infinity emails that go something like this:

"Yo SDTW- Sup dawg? Ur shit is mad jokes man. Yo post our new video that I made on my Auntzs iMac. We wuz gunna get like the homie that knows Keak Da Sneak to get to be like in it but couldnt and shit. But like thanks 4 posting it dawg."

Probably not the best approach kids.

Here's a better way.

I got an email from this dude Emil. He's from Sweden or some shit.

He said that he just made a video with Sadat X and wasn't sure how to get it out there and thought maybe if I liked it that I could possibly post it.

Now in my mind I'm like, ahhh shit this European dude just got took for a bunch of money by a 90's rapper cause he was star struck (no offense its just really common). Like right now Das FX could get 7 g's to play one set in Bulgaria. Google it bro.

Anyways, here is the important part:

I don't give a shit about Sadat X, rap, or dudes from Sweden. The dude just made a really well shot video and simply sent a normal ass email.

That's it. Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don't. Simple as that.

We are more than happy to post good shit from our readers. This ain't no serious business.

Sadat X - Remember That from Love Strandell on Vimeo.

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  1. Well said. Worth a post, a listen and a view.