Monday, January 23, 2012

SDTW Shurt Feelings #5

I have 10 minutes before I leave to work. We'll see if this works.

Pick a shirt. Discuss its graphical merits.

Let's go.

Oh word? Columbus was lost. Well let's see if history is as kind to you. If a few hundreds years passes and we start celebrating "Stupid Looking Asian Guy Wearing Glasses" Day. If that happens. I will publicly apologize.

You know what's "cray" homie? Trying to front like you're hard when you're too shook to even wear a t shirt with a swear word on it. How f*cking cray is that?

You again blood. Fuck man. What is it this time? Oh God (puts face into hands). Dawg. I repeat. Dawg. What are the Feds listening to exactly? The fapping sounds of you jerking off to Pornhub clips? Your studio apartment neighbors already have that line tapped son.

First off, how did you get Joakim Noah to model this shit during the truncated NBA season? Secondly, what in the fuck does this mean? You diamond heart haters? Well, fuck if we're just making up non sense lemme do one then.

I 8===> Pop Tarts

I know you don't always wear terrible t-shirts but when you do...wait, yeah you do. You actually, in fact, get paid to do so. Why do you got sunglasses on? You hoping we'll just think you're blind and assume your homies played a cruel joke on you by dressing you up in that stupid t-shirt? Fuck outta here.

Ahem.....Owwwlllllll bet you thought that tattoo looked a lot cooler in your head than it actually does in real life Dimitri. Now if you would, please look mysteriously to your left.

If you want any of these tees they are luckily still available at KARMALOOP


  1. "You again blood" fucking hilarious.

  2. had a rough day but "I 8===> Pop Tarts" might have saved it. your work is appreciated.