Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stussy x Dickies

Here is how this creative meeting went down:

Stussy Guy: How much can we charge for a Dickie's work shirt with our name on it?
Product Manager: Shit, I don't know...like $85?

Meeting done.

Does anyone else find it funny that companies have been selling clothing styles that were worn in the first recession to people during another recession at an inflated price?

Cause I do.

And before a whole bunch of dudes with hurt vaginas start emailing or commenting.....

SDTW does wear some Stussy and Dickies.

I'm getting real sick of all you irritable labia motherfuckers.

I heard if you eat green apples it helps with your period.

Look into that shit.


  1. ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa.

  2. Did you ever knooowwwww that you're my heeeeerooooo?

  3. fuck they hurt vaginas in the ass!

  4. Supreme is making a fortune off this shit.