Monday, April 25, 2011



Some dipshit company makes one of these every year and the results are always the same.

No one wants some Swiss Army Urban Spray Recon Utili-Bag.

This type of thing should be sold in some graffiti infomercial with voice over playing on top of footage of a super "clutzy" writer like:

"Hey dogz, do you ever find yourself trying to do a hecka sick piece only to find that your "go to" bag is slowing you down?"

"Is your crew cold dissing you to hurry up because you're always finishing your stuff last?"

"Does your current bag not have a place for you laptop OR your skateboardz?"

The problem with shit like this besides the "everything" is that well it's wild unnecessary.

Who is buying this thing?

Besides that dude I mean.

When company such and such makes one of these things it gets picked up by some fancy site like Gizmodo and then they start making graffiti writers out to be some anarchy tactical commando unit and then the dude that wrote "Fast & Furious" sees that shit one night all coked out and writes a fucking screen play and sells that shit to Lionsgate and they cast McLovin' as the lead role who goes by the nom de plum "2Fresh" and then Green Day makes some street art cheerleading anthem for the soundtrack and shit gets all fucked up.

These are the stakes my friends. Before you do something like this ask yourself one question....

"Does this NEED to exist?"

Or better yet ask yourself this "Has someone already invented something called a fucking backpack?"

If my words did not detere you from wanting this "satchel of rebellion" you can buy one at Sprayground in the link below:

Buy one here


  1. I basically agree with everything you just said. Althoug i would watch that movie with mclovin hahahaha.
    The scariest part is that the bag is already sold out what the fuck

  2. This is an awesome post.

  3. Climax after climax, shit, this made my day

  4. that is a ridiculously worthless backpack.