Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Fuck Outta Here

I had actually meant to go in on this cum dumpster turnt self appointed art haus goddess earlier when her and Vice put out a book of her "photography" but I felt a dump prodding and decided to ditch the post.

The book her and Vice put out is comprised of self portraits some of which she took and some her boyfriend took. So....yeah that sounds about right. Her portraits are so "self" that they necessiate someone outside of one's self to take them. Don't worry though because she drops a knowledge bomb about that in the book jacket by saying some shit about being "so intimate" that her boyfriend takes the pictures she would take if she had a twin or some shit.

Hype marketing is so powerful it can defy definitions.

A book of self portraits is nothing more than a book chronicling one's own self indulgence.

192 pages of myspace photos if you will.

Even Kim Kardashian's dumb ass hasn't tried something so dumb and that bitch is the Queen Of Retardonia. If Wheaties picked retards instead of athletes for the cover of boxes that bitch's mug would be all over Aisle 3.

Both of them however became famous for taking cum shots to the grill. Sasha did a longer "victory lap," but jizz in the eye is jizz in the eye.

Now on to the photo above....

Oh word? Sasha Grey is a budding existentialist?

I'm kind of impressed.

I mean kudos to her for not taking the easy way out of life and finding a book that can stimulate the parts of the brain capable of understanding one's true self and the theoretical purposes of life.

The thing is you'd think she would have already found out the answer to life when she was juggling some dude's ballsack while getting her mooseknuckle stuffed by a hairy Persian dude all to the score of downtempo elevator muzak b-sides.

Oh....those types of experiences did not quench your appetite for self knowledge?


It seemed to work for so many others.

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  1. this skeezoid's 15 minutes of alt hipster fame ain't over yet? if life has any meaning then someone needs flush this turd.