Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ya wig?

Wig game stays tight
Cam got his vowels right
Wheels on the whip cost a fortune man
Vanna White

I got that powdered wig
Stash the powder in her wig
Serve fiends that chowder kid
Got that white power...dig?

Wig floppy
Slang bang china white sloppy
United States America
Founding papi

Cam got the poofy wig
Stay drooped with the doobie kid
Chopped down that cherry tree
Right after the groupie slid

Peep my wavy curls
Cam got wavy girls
These bitches my Purina
I got them rabies girl

Jewels from the orient
Spices from jakarta
500 SL
My magna carta

You know Cam click the trig
Like them bitties big
Old white men guard they dome
Before I scalp they wig

She like my pony tail
Cam got that paper trail
Blind bitches try to hate
But still bump the brail

I can do this all day son

big ups to The White Bill Clinton
holding down that G note



  2. oh shit... i stole cam's rhyming schematic from a blog. shoot me your details anonymous sans homo. i'll toss the royalties check in the mail.

  3. Ay yo anonymous
    Why you mad at us
    We done posted Dip Haiku over a year ago
    So go back to trollin us