Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Heart The Internets

That Jesse Katsopolis swag.

One of the reasons I will never champion Jones.

Dude dresses like a lesbian steroid dealer.


  1. i'm in a Jesse and the Rippers cover band. we mostly play bars around the area. life sucks.

  2. U covering their early stuff or all that reinventing their sound bullshit they did after the first two albums?

  3. Rush.. Hour.. Renegade

  4. best caption ever hahaha. Guys dont know what to do with their hands in photos; middle finger/backwards piece signs and duck lips. I didnt know Jesse and the Rippers was a real band. I just saw their video on youtube. If you could pull off that kind of sappy shit all ironic serious like, hats off to you.