Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anonymous Said...

If you like Witchcraft to download Graveyard.

And I did.

And it's good.

I think this might be the first time in the history of the internets that an anonymous comment actually did something good.

Good job whoever the fuck you are.

For those of you that are too dumb to figure out what I am talking about

Witchcraft sounds like Sabbath
Graveyard has dudes from Witchcraft so they also sound like Sabbath
So if you like Sabbath and stoner metal kind of crap follow the link

Get it...

Here's another Witchcraft album as well here here here


  1. Hey man. Anonymous commenter extraordinaire here. I give you a nudie of a girl I banged in college, and I come back and i see this?? You say this may be the first time in history an anonymous comment did some good.. well I bet theres a handful of aussies that saw the pic and got half chubs that beg to differ. Fuckin A bruh

  2. Youre welcome