Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camron "Boss Of All Bosses" Mixtape

Cam proves once again why Dipset ain't shit without him.

I'm fully aware that the whole Dipset fiasco is as fake as the WWF (sorry I didn't watch it when it changed to WWE, Junkyard Dog whut up), but I digress.

Rap/hip-hop or what have you is nothing more than a bunch of grown men dressing like 12 year olds and making false accusations at one another. However, it is far better than listening to "electro" or whatever they are trying to re-brand techno as. Sorry dudes all that electronic stuff is techno no matter how you slice it.

So if you are gonna listen to rap at least let it be the most entertaining, ignorant, idiotic music man can make.

First track Cam raps:

"Ya bitch just like a camel, a hump or two."

That's all I need to keep listening.

Get it:

Camron & DJ Drama "Boss Of All Bosses" Mixtape

Snaked from Nah Right

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