Friday, August 21, 2009

Brotha Lynch Hung

For those of you who did not grow up listening to Lynch my condolences.

I was your standard backpacker nerd growing up. Literally, I wore a backpack to most social events with the standard contents of: Bic lighter, a pack of Kools (wow), weed, glass piece, tape walkman, and the like.

I wasn't really having anything that didn't fit into the 90's hip-hop pantheon. I stayed with Pharcyde, Souls, Gravediggaz, Wu, Redman, Tribe, etc. When I started hanging with some kids from The Bay things changed sonically for me. All of a sudden I'm hearing dudes rapping over g-funk whistle style beats talking about eating dead baby guts, smoking "hella" weed, and getting stupid doo doo dum. A few dudes were even rapping from jail (well before that ever became vogue).

Anyways, my favorite album from the era was always "Season Of Da Siccness". It's a no brainer for must have Bay Area albums, but if you don't have it or haven't put it on in years I would suggest you do and start gettin locc 2 da brain cuz.

Get it:

Brotha Lynch Hung "Season Of Da Siccness"

Also let us not forget the unofficial Lynch anthem "Had 2 Gat Ya"

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  1. shit yeah. first the infamous mobb deep, now this.

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