Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arctic Monkeys

I remember when this band was pretty vogue in the hipper circles of the world.

It went something like this if my memory serves me:

You had to be up on The Strokes then Interpol then it was Bloc Party and THEN Arctic Monkeys got their turn to be cool.

I'm not sure who is the big swingin' dick band now a days. I'm not really in touch with my "people's" music.

I do still like this album. By and large I like most things English. Why? I don't know really know to be honest. I like British tv, Jon Cleese, Guy Ritchie movies, calling people cunts, dubstep, and ugly women. Maybe I was English in a past life. I really don't know.

The point being the Arctic Monkeys are a very English band and they sound better because of it. If they weren't I wouldn't listen to them I suppose.

"Riot Van"is by far the best song on here and I won'tt hear otherwise you puffs.

Click it or ticket:

Arctic Monkeys "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not"


  1. god loves them brits
    as do I

    why the fuck is everything english so awesome?

  2. Alex turner owes me a tennner

  3. Spelling "poofs" incorrectly let's you know the depths of my British slang.