Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aces International

Just copped this today. This one is really only for real dancehall nerds though.

Recorded live in 1982 and 1983 this album catches most of Volcano and Junjo artists live in the dance. This is the stuff you always hope to find when you go looking for records. It sounds like you're right there with all the echos from the zinc walls and drunk Jamaican people shouting over the artists.

I think Eek A Mouse actually takes the cake on this one, but Little John is in close second with a lot of forwards erupting from the crowd during his tunes.

The tracks are just labeled by artist:

Eek A Mouse
Buro Banton
Yellowman And Fathead
Little John
Eek A Mouse
Beenie Man

Listening to Beenie Man from way back when is always worthwhile too. Dude was like 5 when he got on his start. Crazy.

Get it:

VA- Live at Aces International

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  1. great old school joint, unfortunately the second eek a mouse track from side 2 is missing :(
    Track 7