Thursday, December 6, 2007

Shortkut "Inna Dancehall Stylee"

So I finally learned how to post whole albums and mixes on the information super highway.

I've been wanting to post up albums for some time now and I've saved some good stuff just for the occasion.

The first mix is by the legendary Beat Junkie disc jockey Shortkut.

I came across this mix way back when and have never met anyone else that has it. Not to say it's super limited or anything, but it is probably the best dancehall primer ever crafted. Just in terms of simple riddim progression and a good blend of new riddims of the day and classic tunes.

Shorkut hits all the bases with riddims at the time including Capleton's "Who Dem" which was on (Bellyas) riddim and Sean Paul's "Deport Them" (Book Shelf) riddim which got some shine at the time when Belly dropped and even had a cameo by young goggle sporting Sean Paul and Vegas I believe.

The mix is really solid and has staple tunes like Shabba Ranks "Ting A Ling", Cutty Ranks "Limb by Limb", Sister Nancy, Super Cat, Ninja Man. Tenor Saw, Buju Banton, Elephant Man and Bounty.

Plus Jamalski even comes out of the wood works for a little drop. Where is Jamalski now? (Unite probably knows)

To download it you have to have a Mac cause it's ACC files and I am too lazy to convert it.


Shortkut "Inna Dancehall Stylee" (Full Mix)

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