Wednesday, December 26, 2007

1st Year in Seattle

Today marks the first year anniversary of my move to Seattle. Now I have no real way to tell if I could be considered a local seeing as I have only lived here for 12 months, but I have done some things that make me some what of a Washingtonian.

Since moving here I have:

- Worked at Pike Place Market for 3 months (sh*tty job)
- Been to more Sonics' games then anyone I know here save for Jason
- Beat up a bouncer at the Cha Cha(come see me for the re-match)
- Lurked at Goods and Winner's Circle for numerous hours
- Attended a Seahawks game
- Eaten tons of Seattle style hot dogs (hot dogs with cream cheese) love em
- Drank a couple gallons of coffee
- Received numerous hang overs from The War Room
- Appeared on Publik Hair and Winner's Circle Blogs
- Deemed worthy of guest list honors (much to Pheed's chagrin)
- Competed and lost in Rords of The Floor (robbed by Jason and Alex)
- Able to go outside with just a hoodie (no gloves, no scarf, no beenie)
- Delivered pizza (subsequently fired the same day)
- Out ran a cop on foot in front of the War Room
- Went to the top of that Space Needle thing
- Went to Vashon Island
- And that's about it to date

So thanks to Seattle for the good first year. I still will claim SD and solely support the Chargers in terms of football and Mexican culinary supremacy in terms of food, but this the best home away from home I could think of.

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