Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hate Hate Hate

The caption reads "Ironically he looks cold." Genius!

Ed* I have been practicing to be more tolerant this year. I think of it as my path to true enlightenment. The idea was taught to me by someone very influential in my industry and is essentially a life long ethos seeing as one needs to implement the principle every single day until death.

Nowadays, I hold my tongue instead of offering my opinions on brands, design, art, hip hop, music in general, movies, people, places, etc. This is been extremely hard for me seeing as opinions are not inherently wrong and I feel quite capable of making some pretty decent cases for my thoughts. So if someone isn't offering to hear the truth as I see it then I simply pass on the subject and let it go.

Now when it comes to directing readers to someone else's opinion then perhaps this concept just might be the way to make it through 2008 without actually having to write diatribes on the death of hip-hop, the lameness of unimaginative design, the plague and abundance of bad ideas, and just all out ignorance in the popular world.

So click on the link and read one of the funniest and smartest rips on hip-hop of the year.


MIMS getting owned by the Village Voice

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