Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bombing NYC

Another chapter in the endless not to mention pointless war between NYC and graffiti.

Click below and read the article about a newly formed "Eagle Squad" that was created 3 months ago to curb or prevent subway graffiti in the city specifically on clean trains and subway tunnels.

What amazes me is that since the inception of the "Eagle Squad" they have caught ZERO graffiti artists in the act of painting trains or subway tunnels. Now without going into a full blown essay on my opinions of graffiti I think it is mind boggling how a city would fund a separate task force to curb this small fraction of the city's graffiti problem and come up with ZERO arrests and still see this as a problem that needs addressing.

It's like having a security guard in front of a store with nothing in it. There has not been one proven deterrent to graffiti in the last 25 years since the introduction of the "white elephants" and subsequent fencing off and removal of all painted cars in NYC. Even then people still have painted clean trains from time to time.

Perhaps it is the lack of understanding on the law's part. Not once have they ever asked why kids and adults risk their safety and well being to paint their name's on a wall, train, billboard, building, or sign?

With America's youth inundated from birth with advertisements and never ending consumerism it's amazing that more people don't seek self and social identity through the medium of writing on walls.

The Vicious Cycle indeed.

Article on new NY Graffiti Squad

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