Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Where Are They Now Answered

Nas has gifted us with one of the more inventive ideas I've seen in hip-hop/rap in a long time.

If you heard the track "Where Are They Now?" on Nas' "Hip-Hop Is Dead"
then you know Nas spits off an impressive roll call of "forgotten" emcees and asks the listener to respect the pioneers of the art form. Preachy? Not really, he does the newbie and the hip-hop scholarly justice and then some.

Nas goes through a very sizeable list naming off everyone from K-Solo, Special Ed, The Pharcyde, and even EMPD. He goes on to lesser known like King Sun, Father MC, and The Skinny Boys. Some on the list I was not entirely versed with, but for the most part the list encompasses several people that made it through my Walkman rotation during my high school tenure.

Now back to the inventive part...

Nas (or most likely a team of ASCAP heads) went and tracked down almost everyone one of these emcees and had them spit a verse a piece for 3 remixes of the song.

The versions are organized by category i.e. 80's, 90's, and West Coast.

Rumor has it there is a Southern version on the way.


Nas "Where Are They Now?" (Album Version) mp3

Nas "Where Are They Now?" (90's Version) mp3

Nas "Where Are They Now?" (80's Version) mp3

Nas "Where Are They Now?" (West Coast Version) mp3

Also here's the list of the emcees and where they currently are now click here

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