Saturday, February 3, 2007


Am I alone in thinking that this years Coachella line-up is snoring?

It seems like it's too spread out over 3 days when it used to be only 2 days and you just had decide which day was better.
The line-up seems uneventful to say the least. They put a "huge" headliner for each day and then follow it with 2 or 3 indie rock bands that we're supposed to oohhh and ahh over.

Did I pay to go last year? Certainly not. I snuck in through the front gate like any other skilled derelict did, but I'm sure as hell not going to make the effort to "ninja" in this year to see f*cking Bjork.

If I had to pick a day to attend I think it would be Sunday with Rage, Manu Chao, Willie Nelson, The Roots, Spank Rock, and The Coup being on my checklist. In all reality I just don't think I'm even going to go. Peep the line-up here and decide for yourself.


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