Saturday, September 10, 2011

SDTW Photography Part 4

Another installment of stupid shit I flick with my phone.

One of the 10 days a year we get sun in Seattle.

Shout out to the 20 people that shouted "You missed a spot" while doing this wall. You all are fucking HILARIOUS.

Trying to be artsy urban photos? Oh we got those plehbwoyyyyy.

Jurne a.k.a the 321st element of hip hop would have finished his piece faster if he wasn't so busy trying to get us all to "cypher" over his beat box.

This is what I feel like when I smoke dust blunts.

Biking to the grocery store to get hotdogs a.k.a Summer Shit

The homie has a real shitty view from his patio. I mean look at that fucking eye sore.

Check out the chillest spud on the block. Dude is posted like a thumb tack giving negative two shits about anything.

R. Crumb drawings are great. Looking like R. Crumb? Not so great.

Bridge burning.

BTM/At Large did one of those head turner spots. You really can't tell, but the shit is humongous.

The Great One? The fucking Great One? Fuck you Wayne. Fuck you and your whole shit.

I almost fell in love in the court house with this fine Juggalette Loca. Props to her for scoring the powder blue Dickies. You gotta search extra hard for those ones.

Proving once again being good at digital photography means NOTHING.

What we have here is a very complex logo going on. Bad Boy Club Meets Punk Flyer Meets Bail Bonds Company. They we're giving out free key lanyards that said Bay Boy Bail Bonds 1-800-BAIL-OUT. That my friends is branding at it's finest.

It's hard to tell because my sista here was quite chocolaty, but ma's butt cheeks was sticking out half of her shorts.

I told Mike that he needed to wear SPF 420 if he didn't want to burn, but if you know Mike then you know he's always down to burn.

Whatchyu know about that fire pole exit in the design studio mezzanine? Ya you don't know bout that life.

How did such a terrible band have such an awesome t shirt?

I don't really think you know the struggles this dude is going through. I mean he has the Juicy Couture decal covering the whole back tint window of his murdered out flat black Audi. Dude is basically putting the city on his back.


  1. good stuff gilligan...

    escondildo pride...

    this is the soundtrack to this photoshoot:

    your filmscorer,


  2. the more expensive the camera is the more predictably lame the photo is going to be; closeups of flowers, city skylines at sunset fucking boring as escondido.

  3. i forgot to mention club photographers like whats his jew face cobra head or whatever capturing the hedonism of it all. the best photos come from conflict zones like libya and tijuana.

  4. powder blues are at the swap meet