Monday, September 12, 2011

1000 Reasons Why They Need To Slow Down On Graffiti Books

I saw this gem at the store the other day.

It was just a book of super random flicks that I guess you're supposed to find inspiration (bite) from for your own graffiti murals.

Not sure what that means exactly.

As far as books about graffiti compiled by someone's aunt go, it is a decent little collection of worthless productions from only God knows where. I believe you can see a spray can with angel wings character on the cover, so right from the jump you know you're in for the aerosol ride of your life.


  1. The second coming of the Sprayngel is real

  2. wish i could find that tshirt of the spray can tied to a cross bleeding paint.

  3. behold:

    i dont have words to describe how awful this kind of tribal gear shit is