Friday, July 3, 2009

Late Night

(click image for larger view)

I finally got a chance to paint an outline from Keo TC5 that I had been itching to use.

Check his daily runnings on 120z. KEO Blog

Louis 103 and my partner in crime The Iceman came through to fill out the rest of the wall.


  1. Does the "tee" stand for toy? There's no other explanation. When you rail against trendy "ironic" hipster shit on here all day everyday and then adopt a taste for "ironic" hipster throwback style of graffiti don't think no one notices. Would love to see your style and influences say 2 years ago there Mr. Tastemaker. I'm betting Texas wildstyle... Walking contradiction

  2. This your conscience talking to you shitbag. Have some humility. Your graffiti ist corny that's reality. You hate when logos are parodied, right? How is rocking a "crack" graf style of graffiti from an era you jock any different? Have an original thought. Till then keep quiet.