Thursday, July 9, 2009

Get Learned

Nah mean.


  1. This scene is filmed in Ft. Greene park where the Tomahawks used to have these "Apache Line" initiations when I was a kid. The dude that plays the leader of the Tomahawks (the guy who utters the famous lines that Wu sampled"His whole style is chump") in this film was Ahkbar, the actual leader of the Brownsville Tomahawks.
    The Lords, on the other hand, are fictionalized, the actual gang which Sonny Carson belonged to was the Bishops.
    Sonny Carson's son Lamumba (R.I.P.) was a good friend of mine who worked the door at the Latin Quarters and later became Proffesor X of the X-Clan.

  2. Why haven't they made a movie about you yet Keo?

    You're like a living encyclopedia of New York youth culture.