Friday, July 31, 2009

D.I.T.L a.k.a Diggin In The Links

New track off OB4CL2 Raekwon x J Dilla

Michael Jordan wonders why he wasn't in NBA Jam

- Gotta love that headline

School Bell Riddim

Urban Outfitters sells fixed gear bikes

- They don't sell skateboards....for now



  1. the fixie bit is HILARIOUS

    I saw a link for a while back on Hipster Runoff and couldn't help but think why they would keep the brake on if it's even trendier to have them off? haha

  2. I would not be the person to ask Hana Banana.

  3. That's gotta hurt,and Hana could you imagine the insurance problems they would face when Lil' Johnny Comelately decides to buy his first "track bike" at the good old local UO,only to run head first into a car two and a half blocks away when he tried to be like his favorite MASH rider.Oh yeah Skip skateboards have been sold at Zumiez and places far worse that Urban Outfitters aka WalMart for a very long time so don't get all high and mighty with the at least they don't sell skateboards comment.I for one would never ride a skateboard from Walmart and I sure as hell would not want to ride a bike from UO'slet's just hope I'm not in the minority.

  4. Oh Jay.

    You of all people know I love all my fixed gear brethren. Especially someone like yourself who has been riding for more than a decade plus.

    But you of all also know how lame the fad of it is.

    It will go away and you will have it all back to yourself and the rest of the vegan hardcore plug wearing having two wheelers.