Friday, July 10, 2009

Graffiti Writers Are Cunts

Here is the first design of a new project that I am working on at the moment.

The design is courtesy of my good friend Nick McPherson

This tag line does an excellent job of summing up my (personal) sentiments on graffiti "culture". I love graffiti more than any other medium I have been involved with, but the actual culture that comes with graffiti is complete shit.

My hope is that my new project including the large list of talented people I am hoping to have involved with it will help it carve out a niche in graffiti media that I have yet seen to be made.

More to come.

Feel free to proliferate this design all over the internerd.

Please link it back SDTW if you can.


Thanks to C-Money for the heads up on the "sentiment" vs. "sediment" correction. I'm a professional college dropout not a professional writer.

Also to all the people getting their chonies in a bunch over this little design and emailing me = thank you :)


  1. I think it really sucks that you chose to use the term "cunts"

  2. you street artists are all faggots...