Saturday, March 17, 2007

Seattle Sonics

Above: A bird's eye view from Key Arena

Having lived in San Diego my whole life my biggest gripe was that we didn't have an NBA team. We did however have Master P playing for the San Diego Stingrays. The marriage would not last.

Now that I live in Seattle and I live no less then 10 blocks away from where the Sonics play and tickets happen to cost $10 a piece I have been able to catch up on basketball games that once eluded me.

Above: The Rain Man!!! Shawn Kemp's fall from glory is sad and not sad in your typical "fallen superstar" scenario, but more like when a good friend gets pu$$y whipped by some ugly chick kind of sad. Not sure if that makes sense.

Now it's important to bring a good squad to a sporting event mainly because if some dip sh*t starts flappin' his gums
(Note: the ratio between people who watch sports regularly and are also dip sh*ts is quite high) you're going to need some back up. I have seen fights in tons of stadiums. I may not be Mr. Joe Sports but I've seen it go down at the Big 12 Championship, numerous Chargers vs. Raiders games, Dallas Maverick games, Padre games, USC games, you name it.

Above: F'ckn Rick and Jeremy

I prefer to attend functions like these with my brothers (in-law). They’re good chaps and they're not afraid to upgrade their $10 seats to court level after the 1st quarter.


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